Durogesic Patch

What is a durogesic patch?

A durogesic patch provides continuous pain relief to your cat. The medication is absorbed through the skin. As such, a small area of fur is clipped from the back of your cat’s neck in order that the medication can be absorbed. A bandage is placed around the cat’s neck in order to prevent the patch from being scratched off.

How long does the durogesic patch last?

Each patch lasts 3-5 days. An appointment is then to be made in five days to see a nurse. The nurse will remove the patch and dispose of it appropriately.

Care of the durogesic patch

Do not allow the patch to become wet or overheated as this will cause the rate of absorption of the medication to rapidly increase and can lead to overdosage. If the patch does become wet contact the vet clinic immediately.

What if I think my cat is still in pain despite the patch?

Contact your veterinarian immediately and they will advise you on the appropriate course of action.

What are potential side effects of the patch?

Your cat may be more drowsy than usual. You may also notice dilated pupils. The patch does effect decision making so please keep your cat indoors while the patch is in place. If you are concerned that your cat is displaying unusual behaviour please contact The Cat Clinic.

The patch is potentially very dangerous if swallowed by your cat or a child. Please seek medical attention immediately if you believe this may have happened.

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