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Lisa Barrett

Lisa Barrett The Cat Clinic Vet Nurse

Lisa has been working for The Cat Clinic since 2008.

Since working here she has developed an interest in rehoming and adoptions, and thoroughly enjoys caring for the many cats that board at our Paddington clinic.
Lisa lives with her very naughty tortoiseshell cat Mai, and would love to have many more pets (if only Mai would allow it).

Amanda Garbowski

Amanda Garbowski The Cat Clinic Nurse

Amanda has worked for The Cat Clinic since 2008, initially training at our Paddington clinic but has since taken over the running of the Clayfield clinic.

On the weekends you'll find Amanda playing video games, hiking with family or spending time playing with her beautiful Devon Rex Bambi.

Stacey Seater

Stacey Seater Vet Nurse The Cat Clinic

Stacey has been nursing for many years and joined The Cat Clinic in 2006. Stacey is one of the senior surgical nurses and spends her days organising and attending to surgical cases. She has a great passion for cats and their wellbeing so plans to stay at The Cat Clinic for many years to come.

Stacey has 4 beloved cats and 2 dogs that she couldn’t live without.

Ellen Young

Ellen Young The Cat Clinic Vet Nurse

Ellen started at The Cat Clinic in March 2015 and is currently studying her certificate IV in Veterinary Nursing.
She spends most of her time helping out the senior nurses and fostering the stray kittens we get into the clinic which has become a passion of hers.

Ellen is delighted to share her home with her 4 cats ‘Jasper', 'Lilly', 'Marshmallow' and 'Dee Dee’.

Hannah Beesley

Hannah Beesley The Cat Clinic

Hannah has worked at The Cat Clinic since 2011. She started as a kennel hand looking after the boarders at Paddington, she quickly took an interest in vet nursing and now you'll find her nursing between all 3 of our clinics.

Hannah keeps busy at home with her full house of 3 cats, Taco, Brioche and Milly, and her Cavoodle Ella.

Mia Troost

Mia is always willing to help out the Senior Nurses and Vets whenever need be. Since starting with us in December 2014 she has completed a Bachelor of applied Science in Veterinary Technology and is putting her skills to good use.  Her sweet and gentle nature is reflected by the way in which she takes care of the cats around the clinic. She has 2 lovely cats at home 'Earl' who she got as a rescue kitten and 'Casper' a naughty little Burmese.

Kerrie Rant

Kerrie joined The Cat Clinic team in March 2018 as a certificate IV veterinary nurse but has since completed her Diploma in Feline nursing. She can make your cats hospital stay as stress free and relaxing as possible with all her new skills. Kerrie and her husband Jordan share their home with 4 beautiful rescue cats 'Emma', 'Bruce', 'Razz' , and 'Toothless'.

Kerrie regularly helps us by fostering kittens who aren't quite old enough for re-homing yet, or who may need a little time to socialize before making the big move to their forever homes

Tahlia Ehrich

Tahlia joined the team in 2020 after graduating from the University of Queensland with a Bachelor of Veterinary Technology and has been instrumental in helping to keep Paddington and Clayfield running smoothly. She works at all 3 of our locations and is a valued member of staff.

She currently has 2 cats at home Poppy and Sky.

Becky Beynon

Rebecca Beynon The Cat Clinic Nurse

Becky joined The Cat Clinic team in October 2007, and completed her Certificate IV in Veterinary Nursing in November 2010.
Becky and her partner Adam, live with their cat ‘Duke’, and their Golden Retriever named ‘Prince.’

Becky enjoys being a Veterinary Nurse and will continue to work with animals (preferably cats) for as long as possible.

Bettina Amarandos

Bettina joined the team in 2019 and has been working mostly on weekends while she studies to become a veterinarian.

When Bettina isn't studying or working she likes to spend time with family, friends and her cat Henry, whom she adopted through The Cat Clinic.

Lucy Short

Lucy started at The Cat Clinic in 2019 working in the boarding section at Paddington, she has since moved on to become one of the main nurses at our new Paddington facility at Red Hill.

She has one cat named Bean and a nephew named Melvin both of which have been adopted through The Cat Clinic. On her days off she likes to spend time playing board games, reading books and spending time with the cats.


Jordan Brown

Jordan joined the clinic in 2014, and has since completed a Bachelor of applied Science in Veterinary Technology and a Certificate 4 in Veterinary Nursing. She has not yet added a cat to her family but shares her free time with her dog Kendra.