'Klinger' 1'Klinger' 4Hi! My name is 'Klinger' and I need your help.

I have been happy living at The Cat Clinic Mount Gravatt since 2010 in the cat colony. I have helped save many lives as a blood donor, and was pride leader for a long time. However, I am no longer enjoying my living conditions with so many other cats around as sadly my reign as 'leader of the pack' has ended. I have been overthrown, and have therefore decided I would much prefer a fresh start with a new family I can call my own.

If you are interested in helping me find the new home I am looking for, please let the people here know! I would be a great companion, and all you need to do is contact The Cat Clinic on Mount Gravatt on (07) 3349 0811.

By the way, I am four and a half years old... just in case you were wondering.

Update: Hello everyone! I have been adopted.. I am so excited, I am off to my new home!!!

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